Below are a few testimonials from Accelerate Fitness Training Clients:

Teneal – I started seeing Conner just over a year ago. I had never done any type of training (or exercise really). I have 3 young kids which has left my body in interesting shape plus I have PCOS which means I have to work really hard to loose weight or stay healthy.

Conner helped over come my fears of exercising and worked with me to help get my disease somewhat under control. I have achieved things I had never dreamt of (lifting weights, climbing walls in Miss Muddy and doing Mt Taylor on a regular basis). I will always battle my body but I feel so much better getting fitter and stronger!

I also get to do some workouts with my husband which is fun and I get to bring my toddler along while I train. This is a huge convenience for me!
Thanks heaps Conner

Aileen – Jared is professional, friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. He encourages and pushes me to improve my fitness. As a 76 year old, I am so lucky to find someone who understands my age group and tailors my sessions. A terrific trainer!

Jana – Conner is an outstanding personal trainer with a broad range of knowledge! I have been so impressed with the range of areas he has helped me and all done with kindness and care. The sessions are challenging (in a good way!) and he is really helping me achieve me goals.

The exercises are always explained and he makes sure technique is spot on but more than that his support with my mental state has been amazing. He motivates me when I’ve lost motivation, builds me up when I tear myself down and is the main driver towards me making long term change and progress towards my goals. Wouldn’t go anywhere else 😊 Thanks Conner and AFT


Mary – Love your work with Monday’s bootcamp for people living with a disability. So nice to refer to you and know it’s going to be wonderful.


Claire and Owen – Getting back in to exercise after a baby is daunting; because you know your body is nothing like it was before, because prioritising yourself is hard and because even half an hour more sleep is so so tempting.I am so grateful for Conner and Accelerate Fitness Training for helping me combat these excuses.I’d been going to Accelerate Fitness Training for a couple of years before finding out I was pregnant. I have always been impressed with Conner’s ability to modify my plan to suit my newest interest. This was no different when I declared I was pregnant, Conner right away modified my plan to still challenge me to stay fit and healthy in a safe way.

With Conner’s guidance I was able to exercise in some way up until 4 weeks before bub was born.As soon as I had the Drs all clear I started back up again and was initially disheartened at being right back at square one. Conner developed a new plan for me that was realistic and enjoyable with a new baby, and 5 months on I am well on track to my pre-baby weight, and enjoying building back up strength and fitness. Being a new mum is a bit scary, I still can’t believe how quickly the mum-guilt kicks in! But having the option of bringing my son along to my PT session, even getting him involved and having Conner there to cheer him up so I can continue on, is invaluable.

I’m looking after myself, my physical and emotional health, which is only going to make me a better mum.I’d highly recommend Accelerate Fitness Training to any pregnant women and new parents looking to stay fit and healthy and to be the best parent they can be.


Lucia – I have been in and out of my home gym for the past few years, only to find myself hitting a wall of frustration when no results were shown. I finally found a personal trainer that would structure a programme to meet my goals of putting on weight, strengthening my back, looking and feeling great and fit, and to also be able to use my home gym. My personal trainer Conner, at Accelerate Fitness Training looked at everything I wanted to achieve. Along with the combined assistance of Accelerate Fitness Training’ nutritionist, I have already achieved my ideal weight, with which I had been struggling with for years. Also with Conner’s motivation and supportive energy, I find I feel my sense of well beingis encouraged and inspired to work hard to focus on achieving my goals.

Conner has also been listening to my thoughts and ideas and has altered my program when it was required. I have so far had a lot of fun coming to my sessions and look forward to the upcoming sessions.So if you’re keen to improve your lifestyle, build your confidence and feel great, check out Accelerate Fitness Training as they will lead you in the right direction!


Ann – I am a mature aged woman,65 in fact and had not done any formal exercise for over 20 years.A knee injury made me decide I needed to exercise and it was then I met Conner who assisted in my rehabilitation. I limped in to classes he ran, had low energy levels and didn’t really think I could achieve much.

To my delight the opposite was true, I no longer limp as Conner was able to help with area specific exercises to strengthen my weak knee, my energy levels have increased markedly and I have lost weight and increased muscle tone. It is of note that Conner’s personality and ability to relate to people of all age groups assisted my motivation to attend gym and achieve these results. I HIGHLY recommend Conner for your exercise regime.


Mel – I have been training with Accelerate Fitness Training for nearly 12 months. Despite that I have always enjoyed being active, I was after someone who would keep me accountable and push my limits. I have found this at Accelerate Fitness Training and the result is that I am fitter & stronger than I have been in a very long time. The sessions are always challenging, interesting and continue to evolve – I don’t think I’ve done the same session twice!

Conner is perfect combination of tough (not letting me give in, despite my whinging sometimes!) and encouraging, and as a result I have surprised myself with what I can achieve! Plus, the Accelerate Fitness Training’s boot camps with Conner compliment to my personal training sessions! They are a great way to break up a day at the office – by getting some fresh air and getting the heart rate up!