Riley Deck

Riley Deck 


Riley’s focus is on her clients. She has walked the walk; battled high anxiety, drastically improved her fitness and diet, and reframed her perspective on movement. Like most people who have become leaders in this industry, it didn’t happen overnight. As a young adult, regular movement was not the norm. Now she can’t wait to exercise. The thing that sets Riley apart from other trainers? She doesn’t rest on her successes to date. This life is about moving with humour, freedom and compassion.

And that is perhaps her biggest strength: that she is prepared to enjoy the journey, no matter how tough it is right now.

Speaking of the journey… Riley is currently studying her Certificate 4 in Accounting and her Certificate 4 in Personal Training and Group Exercise, Accelerate Fitness Training is excited to enter 2021 with their first female personal trainer.

Riley’s desire to invest in her clients is already second to none. She runs the business side of the company and those who have had contact with her will know how much she cares about the detail. The little one-percenters that help you have a seamless personal training experience. Walk alongside Riley and you know you’re going somewhere fun and worthwhile.