Nutrition is an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with exercise your nutrition can help you achieve and maintain a healthy body and reduce your risk of chronic diseases. Good nutrition promotes overall health.

We work alongside JSH Nutrition with the aim to have our clients at optimum health.

A word from Jana the owner of JSH Nutrition:

Hi! I am an Accredited Sports Nutritionist who is passionate about helping others and sharing my knowledge. I am committed to developing a balanced and well-rounded approach to health and wellbeing and staying current with research and development in optimal nutrition for performance.

I believe all good things start with a solid foundation. I work with individuals to develop new habits, overcome obstacles, learn about the food they are eating and give you the tools and knowledge to make optimal choices around food and lifestyle.

I teach you how to take control of your nutrition and build knowledge and understanding by breaking it down into manageable steps to allow you time to form new habits and have a thorough understanding of how food and movement can contribute to a successful and enjoyable way of living.

The long-term outcome is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to make optimal nutrition and lifestyle choices and maintain results for life.

I can help you achieve your personal goals and assist you with:
– Weight loss/management
– Muscle gain/weight gain
– Body composition
– Specific Sports Nutrition
– Family meal planning
– Meal prepping
– Reading nutrition labels
– Developing healthy habits
– Developing a Healthy mindset
– Understanding the role of different nutrients in food and your body

I look forward to supporting as many people as I can to optimise their nutrition and achieve sustainable results!

Feedback from Jana’s Clients

Riley- For so many years I went back and forth with the new fad diets because it seemed like the simple easy way and to be honest I think it made everything a lot harder as my weight was fluctuating so much it just wasn’t a maintainable lifestyle.

Working with Jana, I have finally seen a substantial difference, not only in my weight but my mental health, my sleep, my metabolism, my strength and flexibility. Im trying not to sound “cringy” but Jana has completely changed my life for the better, I am loving life and loving the nutritional and delicious food she is writing into my plans.

And can we talk about motivation, I don’t know how she does it but Jana makes me accountable for what I am consuming but she also understands that not everyone’s goals and journeys are easy, she keeps me motivated and driven and she picks me back up when I feel like I’ve fallen.

I highly recommend JSH Nutrition to EVERYONE, you only have one body, look after it.

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