Mobile Personal Training

Where does Accelerate Fitness Training do Mobile Personal Training?

Accelerate Fitness Training runs from a private studio located in Kambah, when we are not training in the studio we service clients at their home, a park near by your place, all over Canberra, Gunghalin, Civic, Woden and Tuggeranong. So where ever you are, we can come to you!

What is Accelerate Fitness Training mobile personal training?

Accelerate Fitness Training mobile personal training in Canberra is a specialized weight loss service designed by our experienced and passionate personal trainers. The service allows individuals or a small group to lose weight and tone up by following a step by step personal training program which guarantees results. Our personal trainers come directly to your home or a near by park. This program is unlike any other Canberra personal training service, as it has some distinct features which make it stand out.

Most personal trainers get you to exercise a couple of times a week, and then expect that you will know the steps to take during the week to lose weight and tone up quickly. We know that this style of personal training doesn’t get you great or sustainable results.

This is why at Accelerate Fitness Training we make you accountable for every single day of the week, constructing a step by step plan with you so that you will know what to do and most importantly what not to do when it comes to exercising and eating a balanced diet to promote weight loss.

We will motivate and empower you to take control of your weight by giving you one on one training, simple eating guidelines and toning
exercise programs on a weekly basis, so that you can achieve long term weight loss success.

How many people can participate in mobile personal training at once?

Mobile personal training can be run with a maximum of 4 clients to 1 trainer. The more you have in each session the cheaper it becomes.  Ask us how you can get started today!

How does Accelerate Fitness Training mobile personal training work?
At Accelerate Fitness Training we like to get all new clients into our studio or at your home for a complimentary consultation. This gives us a chance to do some detailed goal setting with you and find out exactly what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it and what obstacles have been preventing you from reaching those goals. We then explain how Accelerate Fitness Training can get you from where you are currently to where you want to be three, six or twelve months down the track.

If you decide to join Accelerate Fitness Training after the complimentary consultation then we design you a personal training program that will suit you physically and financially. We recommend that all of our clients have at least six workouts per fortnight to help them lose weight and tone up, regardless of whether all six workouts are done with us, or five of the workouts are done by yourself individually and only one is with us. Our programs are very flexible and are dependent on how quickly you want to achieve your weight loss goals as well as how much motivation and direction you need.

What do I need to have for mobile personal training?

We bring everything to you. By doing this we help you to  Save money, get a tailored approach and have someone motivate you to success. All in the comfort of your own home or a nearby location!

What if I don’t get any results with Accelerate Fitness Training?
Accelerate Fitness Training understands that you may be uncertain whether our methods will work for you and whether your time and money will be wasted if you choose to invest in our mobile personal training service. We want to help fill you with confidence and eliminate the risk by guaranteeing that if after your introductory mobile personal training package you are not satisfied in any way, then we will give you a complete refund on the entire package!

At Accelerate Fitness Training we motivate you all week long!
Our personal training service doesn’t end at the completion of the session. Below is a list of support features that we offer to help give you value for money and obtain consistent results every day of the week whether you are at home, work or away on holiday. They are designed to educate you about what you have to do in order to lose weight so that you can look, feel and function the way you want to. These support features have proven to increase motivation levels, accountability, get you better results faster and best of all the support features are included at no extra cost!

You have the option to of receiving all of the following support features to assist you to tone up:

  • Personal Training sessions with a Accelerate Fitness Training trainer (30, 45 or 60 minutes)
  • A weekly training triangle to make you accountable for your rest, exercise and nutritional practices at home and see where the negative habits are occurring and see how we can help improve them
  • An individualized exercise program updated monthly so that you continually burn fat
  • A fitness assessment every eight weeks so that we can monitor your weight loss results
  • Weekly fitness articles to keep you up to date and well informed about the latest developments in regards to losing weight and toning up
  • A monthly eating diary to give us a regular insight into what you are consuming, and letting you know how it would be affecting your weight
  • Weekly recipes to keep eating healthy ‘at home’ fun and interesting
  • A monthly feedback form so that you can pass on any suggestions about how we can make our personal training service better
  • A monthly ‘at home’ exercise program, to complement your mobile personal training sessions, and help you to progress to your weight loss goals faster
  • Fortnightly motivational articles to help keep you super-motivated when it comes to getting and staying toned
  • A weekly exercise diary so that we can help you book in ‘at home’ workouts you can do by yourself from week to week
  • No joining or membership fees

If you have any questions or would like to book in for a complimentary personal training session then please contact us.

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