Declan Robinson

Declan is the closest a person can come to an AFT padawan (that’s a Jedi student for those without a Disney + membership). A member of our AFT family since he was 13, Declan acts like a Jedi with a stopwatch instead of a lightsaber: with supreme focus and attention to detail.

He’s way more fun than a Jedi, though, as our clients will attest. His relaxed, can-do attitude helps all clients ease into their training and get the job done.

Like all AFT trainers, he’s walked the walk. A regular in Division 1 soccer, a highly respected tournament in Canberra, Declan knows what it takes to reach the next level. 

A holistic trainer, he’s pushing his mind as well as his body, studying a Bachelor of Psychology and Health Sciences. “My goal is to give every client the best service possible and build them up to their ideal self,” he said.

As you can tell, this is a man who cares about helping people.

Which is why he’s a perfect fit for our team and we’re honored to call him a leader in the AFT community. 

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