Challenger Testimonials


The Accelerate Fitness Training, 8 week challenge was everything I wanted it to be! I loved having the training and nutrition components linked in this challenge. I felt like achieving my results was more attainable as the focus was placed on both components working together to complement each other. Jared, Conner, Jana and Riley were always at group training sessions and it felt like one big family. Everyone was supporting one another on their individual journeys.

I was looking to intensify my training and increase my motivation prior to starting the challenge. Speaking to Conner encouraged me to give it a go and I am SO glad I did. I have seen and felt incredible results and already feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin. My goals were to tone up and increase strength and endurance and I certainly felt I had improved greatly over the 8 weeks. It was the perfect amount of time to be able to see strong results but not feel like it was never going to end.

I really enjoyed the variety in the group training sessions as the boxing and HIIT were both great fun and I felt like I worked just as hard as when in my individual PT sessions. The little community built by Accelerate was encouraging and so much fun.

Conner and Jared were both excellent during my training sessions. They knew exactly how hard to push me and motivated me every session. They liaised with one another and it was clear they had discussed my training. They both made sure to balance my workouts so as not to double up and I felt like they both truly cared about helping me reach my goals. They were both extremely professional but also knew how to make working out fun and would have a laugh with me. I always felt comfortable, confident and excited to go train with them both. Every work out challenged me but never felt unachievable. Loved their work!  

It was a difficult time of year to commit to a challenge with my birthday, music festivals and Christmas parties a plenty however, I completed the challenge and even though I indulged on occasion, I still finished strong with results I am super proud of! I can’t wait to get stuck back into it in 2020 and have already signed up for the next challenge. My goals will change and I will work harder to achieve more for myself.

During the 8 week challenge I was able to lose centimeters around my body. My core strength improved significantly as did my strength and endurance with weight lifting. My cardio stamina increased and my 1km row sprint went from 4 minutes and 20 seconds down to 3 minutes and 49 seconds. I could see my body changing and toning up during the process. I was exceptionally proud of these physical results but how I felt was more important. I felt fit and healthier and comfortable. Proud of what my body was capable of achieving and grateful for its ability. I felt my body positivity improve throughout the challenge and want to work towards the next goal!

I really felt supported with both physical training and nutrition planning and gained so much knowledge about how these two aspects work together. The whole process was made easy by the professionalism of Conner, Jared and Jana!


It was more than I was expecting- I thought going into it I would challenge myself as I hadn’t done any exercise in a VERY long time and the meal plans would help my stay organized in a busy part of the year, but that was about it. I didn’t realise that because of this challenge I would completely change my life; I got addicted to exercise, changed who I am as a person, met new amazing and inspiring people who I’m sure one day I will call friends, started seeing myself as a strong and determined person, lost a massive amount of cm and know that I will keep them off, changed mine and my husband’s eating habits, got organized, wake up the first time the alarm goes off and don’t need to press snooze, BOUGHT A FITBIT and watch it for heart rate, steps and calories and life just got easier!

Week 6 I had a meltdown and I didn’t walk away which is what I would normally do- I’d quit. After talking it through with Jana and Conner, I rocked up to boxing and was partnered with Jared which meant boxing twice but I felt like it was my redemption round- I didn’t give up, I gave it everything and I walked away from that workout succeeding. I then showed up for PT on Thursday like nothing had happened and just got on with the rest of the challenge. 

Words cannot adequately describe my feelings of pride and gratitude at the moment. I tell people that 8 weeks ago a prefect storm happened that meant that Conner, Jana and Accelerate Fitness came into my life, flicked a switch in my brain and changed my life.  I am so looking forward with working with everyone particularly over the next 12 months until my significant birthday but beyond that as I am now well and truly hooked!

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