Personal Training Keeping Canberra in Shape

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Choose to make a healthy change that’ll help you live a better lifestyle. Accelerate Fitness Training is a specialised weight loss studio led by some of the region’s most passionate and experienced personal trainers. We help you tone your body and shape up using an innovative step-by-step training program formulated by our own staff that helps anyone see results.

Most personal trainers only give you the benefit of their expertise while you’re in the studio, leaving you to your own devices on the days they don’t see you. We know from experience that this style of training doesn’t get people the results they want. So, at our studio, we make you accountable for your health every day of the week. You’ll be given a step-by-step plan that helps keep you on track with everything, from what you eat to what you do and how you work out, with the goal of promoting weight loss in every part of your life.

You’ll be motivated and empowered to take control of your health by our expert one-on-one training, simple dietary guidelines and at-home toning exercise programs delivered to you weekly. Achieve your health goals and be a new you with Accelerate Personal Training.

Why choose Accelerate Fitness Training?

Learn more about our company’s values and philosophy, and find out why so many people choose us at the links below:

What can our studio do for you?

Everyone’s body and health circumstances are unique, so we always like to have new clients in for a complimentary personal training session. This allows us to discuss your goals with you and find out what you want to get out of your time with us.

Should you decided to go ahead with us, we’ll draw up a personal training program that considers your physical needs and budget. Based on our experience, we recommend a minimum of six workouts per fortnight to help our clients lose weight and build muscle tone. Whether all six of these sessions are done with us or some are done independently following your personalised plan is up to you. Our system is flexible and allows you to tailor your program to your individual weight loss goals, how quickly you want to achieve your goals and how much external motivation and assistance you require. Learn more about our unique approach here.

Anytime, anywhere, not just in South Canberra

Accelerate Fitness Training makes it easy to give your body what it needs. Our mobile fitness programs have our experienced trainers come to your home or local park. Whether you’re in central Canberra, Gungahlin or Tuggeranong, you can benefit from our expertise.

Everything is brought to you, meaning you save money and get a tailored approach to your fitness, all in the comfort of your local area. Up to four people can participate in the one session. Best of all, we charge a flat fee for each session, so the more people in each class the cheaper it gets.

Work on your fitness solo or bring a friend or loved one

Want to have someone to share those victories with? Our partner training program allows you to work with a friend, family member or partner under one of our trainers, getting healthier and fitter together.

Get three 45-minute partner sessions for $299 – that’s less than $150 each! Get in touch today to book your complimentary first session.

What sets us apart from a gym

Accelerate Fitness Training are proud to be very different from your local gym. We are a private personal training studio working by appointment only between the hours of 6am and 8.30pm Monday to Friday. This means no distractions for you or your trainer; you’ll get their undivided attention, giving you the best possible chance of success.

Clients are not allowed to train in our South Canberra studio by themselves. That said, we do provide you with a comprehensive exercise program that you can do at home to supplement and extend the work you do in the studio. Get the exercise your body needs outside of our studio and achieve your goals!

What if I don’t see results?

We understand that you may be uncertain about how effective our methods will be for achieving your unique goals. Ensuring that your time and money are not wasted is as important to us as it is to you, so we want to help you feel confident when you invest in our services that you’ve made the right choice. We guarantee that if, after your introductory training package, you are not satisfied in any way that you will receive a complete refund of the entire package.

Keeping you motivated in and out of the studio

Our services don’t end at the studio door. We provide a range of support services that enhance the value for money of our service and help you get the results you want. We’ll provide education about what you should do to help you look, feel and function the way you want to, and offer motivation to keep you pushing even on the hard parts.

You receive all of the following features at no extra cost:

  • A weekly training triangle helping you stay accountable for the amount and quality of rest, exercise and nutrition you receive at home, and to help you identify and isolate negative habits.
  • A personalised studio exercise program updated monthly to meet the needs of your changing and strengthening body.
  • A full fitness assessment every eight weeks, giving us the information needed to sculpt your fitness program.
  • Weekly fitness articles keeping you up-to-date on the latest advances in exercise and weight loss.
  • A monthly eating diary to help give you and your trainer insight into your diet and how it impacts your fitness and weight.
  • Weekly recipes to keep eating at home healthy and fun.
  • A monthly opportunity to give feedback on our services so we can work to make our personal training sessions even better.
  • A monthly at home exercise program, helping to capitalise on your gains in the studio and assisting you in achieving your goals faster.
  • Fortnightly motivation articles keeping you in the right mindset to lose weight and tone up.
  • A weekly exercise diary helping you track your ‘at home’ workouts.
  • Private use of our fitness studio every session.
  • No joining or ongoing membership fees.
  • Free studio parking.

Any questions? Want to book in your place? Get in touch with Accelerate Fitness Training in South Canberra on 0405 304 561 and speak to our staff today.