Our Promise To You

Mission Statement
At Accelerate Fitness Training we are dedicated to improving health, fitness and well being by providing the highest quality training and advice to the community. We strive to promote education and awareness regarding healthy lifestyles to make good health achievable for all.

Our Promise:
At Accelerate Fitness Training our promise is simple: we train you for your specific health and fitness objectives and your current situation. Whether you feel like you have no
spare time, unmotivated or unfit, or all of the above, we will take this all into consideration to help get you the results you are after.

We may not know how it feels to be in your present situation, but we do know how to progress you towards your desired health & fitness condition. We are dedicated to working with you and understanding as well as helping to overcome the roadblocks that have held you back from becoming the way you have always wanted to look and feel. We strongly believe in the power of accountability & implementing realistic strategies to deal with your personal roadblocks.

We know that some people can be uncertain whether our methods will work for them and whether their time/money will be wasted if they choose to invest. We want to fill you with confidence and eliminate the risk. If, after your introductory personal training package, you are unsatisfied in any way we will give you a complete refund on the entire package!